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Contributors » Mac Pitcher » Northern Saw-whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus)

Northern Saw-whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus) discovered by Mac Pitcher (#214)

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Sighting Info

Observed: May 23, 2010 @ 9:00 AM
Posted on: May 23, 2010 @ 12:13 PM (diff: 0 days)
Boreal Owl at nestbox, Third Junction Pond, Brigus Junction.

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Newfoundland Nature

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By Mac Pitcher on 5/27/2010 7:34:29 AM

I stand corrected on the species ID here. A bit lazy in my birding, I jumped to the conclusion that it was the more common Boreal Owl without thoroughly viewing the bird at close range. On prompt from Bruce MacTavish, I revisited yesterday PM, with binos this time, and confirmed that this is a SAW-WHET OWL. Thanks Bruce. According to Bruce, if this is a breeding event, then it could be the first such record for NF. mac

By NL Nature Support on 5/28/2010 8:43:38 PM

I have updated the species, thank you for the correction!

By brendan kelly on 7/8/2010 11:46:37 AM

do you know of any other species that are using you nest boxes ? is this nest box on prvite proprety ? if not would i be abel to construct more nest boxes in the spring to put in that aera ! we may have a small population on our hands !

By Mac Pitcher on 7/30/2010 11:45:51 AM

Hi, I have 5 other large nest boxes within a kilometre of the active box. None of the others were in use. These predatory birds need a large home range to hunt over so that they can provide their young with voles, their primary food. Nestboxes should be widely spaced as a result. Smaller insectivorous birds don't require as much space, and as a result I regularly have Red-breasted Nuthatch, Black-capped Chickadee,Tree Swallow and northern Flicker use other boxes that I have installed near home over the years.

By brendan kelly on 8/30/2010 10:05:43 PM

i went out saturday and checked my nest boxes one last time this season and in 2 out of 2 of my boreal owl nest boxes had Alot of feathers in them.not a nest just alot of feathers ? P.S my nest boxes are behind the chicken farms near paddys pond.

By brendan kelly on 8/30/2010 10:07:41 PM

the feathers were of the face of boreal owls

By brendan kelly on 6/13/2011 3:52:27 PM

Did you have any action at the nest boxes this year ?

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