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Blue Felt Lichen (Degelia plumbea) Links

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Contributors » Scott and Ally » Blue Felt Lichen (Degelia plumbea)

Blue Felt Lichen (Degelia plumbea) discovered by Scott and Ally (#1028)

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Sighting Info

Observed: June 9, 2013 @ 4:45 PM
Posted on: June 12, 2013 @ 9:13 PM (diff: 3 days)
I am not exactly sure what species of felt lichen this is.

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Newfoundland Nature

Newfoundland Nature

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By mes on 12/31/2015 8:12:49 PM

The photo does not look like Degelia, perhaps Erioderma.

By Mac Pitcher on 1/18/2018 6:54:11 PM

This is a Pelt or Dog Lichen. Genus Peltigera, species possibly membranaceae. The felt lichens, including the Blue Felt and Boreal Felt,are epiphytes (on trees). Degelia occasionally occurs saxicolous (on rocks). Degelia plumbea is now known (as of 2015) as Pectenia plumbea.

By mes on 1/18/2018 7:45:15 PM

Interesting about the Degelia nomenclature, I was not aware. However it still seems to be called D. plumbea in places. There is a lot of it on the trees in Sir Robert Bond Park in Whitbourne as many have noted.

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